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Aguédji A floating link


Aguédji A floating link

  • Year2013
  • LocationCotonou

The innovation of the project is the search for autonomy and adaptability for an architecture built according to the local resources and the aspirations and needs of the villagers.

The approach reconstructs the urban scale, questioning the link between a lakeside village with its population increasing day by day, and the capital Cotonou, essential for daily exchanges.

The objectif is to establish a strong connection with the shore, between the old and the new urban fabric. It takes the form of bridges in continuity with the existing urban grid that extends from the village.

In addition to providing this service, they become privileged spaces of encounter between users and respond to the logic of the city with the amenities it offers. At the intersection of housing units signal towers are arranged containing water points and providing a benchmark in this predominantly horizontal landscape.

The houseboat consists of three distinct elements and allows freedom of construction. A floating platform supports the interior built by wooden modules. The house is suitable for surface and shape according to the wishes of each family. Sail canoes are diverted to form Stretched Canvas protecting modules. And the roof separate from the building ensures constant ventilation of living rooms.


A young architect graduated from ENSA Toulouse