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APOGEIOS The first city in space


APOGEIOS The first city in space

CityCulturalFoodLife in space
Grand Prix Laureat
  • Year2011
  • LocationSpace

This project is about the construction of the first city in Space. Kind of a “space island” described by the engineer and researcher Richard O'Neil.

Apogeios is not a hollow asteroid lost in the vastness of interplanetary space.

It is a prelude to the expansion of humanity throughout the solar system.

Apogeios can accommodate ten thousand inhabitants and if necessary increase its capacity thereafter.

In order to build this project, we first have to “industrialize” space in order to have the necessary materials.

The other challenge is human: This project aims to make the first inhabitants stay and take ownership of this new place. The aim is to offer them as much as possible, a pleasant living environment, a new socio-cultural space and the freedom to adapt and develop their habitat to their needs and wishes.


Pierre Marx