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Climate & rising waters

Aqua-LOG An undulating waterlogged-city-center propagating over the degrading landscape.

Climate & rising waters

Aqua-LOG An undulating waterlogged-city-center propagating over the degrading landscape.

  • Year2019
  • LocationIjora, Lagos, Nigeria

Aqua-LOG is an expanding-flexible structure that offers the opportunity to bind together different parts of the city which are subject to land degradation. It acts as a port, corridor, and hub for local business, commercial and residential areas. It attempts to introduce a new attitude towards architecture and its traditionally fixed structure and explores the possibility of a new concept of stability by adapting to the social, economic and environmental demands of Lagos, Nigeria.

The flat region of Lagos is low lying where most of the city is only 1.8m above sea level. This terrain plays a host to unique cultural and economic centers that often surface out of demand. Here, due to the sea level rise, various areas are under threat by imminent new bodies of water. And as we account for the influx of water to the basin generated by torrential rain and high tides these conditions worsen making these areas prone to land degradation resulting in permanent loss of business, commercial, and residential spaces.

The Aqua-LOG is situated in Ijora; a neighborhood that was originally a swampy and waterlogged village. Keeping with its heritage the project consists of pillars placed on a grid along the site providing parameters where main canopies can develop to house public programs and markets. The project will continue to expand and adapt as it combats floods and a rising sea level. The undulating surfaces will provide continuous access to different platforms as conditions change. Based on change and demand, movable self-contained units will populate the platforms creating spaces for programs (public, business, and dwellings). Construction of the units is similar to the undulating infrastructure as it starts from a singular typological unit. The starting forms are primitive and can be multiplied, joined or overlapped to create an array of units. This flexibility will allow users to situate and shape their space according to their contextual need(s). The Aqua-LOG project hopes.


Originally from a small town in Cuenca, Ecuador where he developed a curiosity towards the built environment. This passion for Architecture drove him to pursue a master's degree from Syracuse University, where his fondness for great design will further develop and solidified. He would like to consider himself as a bit of a gastronomer who takes tremendous pleasure in discovering the relationships between food and culture.