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Asteus Beyond the horizon


Asteus Beyond the horizon

FuturisticInfrastructureInterstellarLife in space
  • Year2016
  • LocationSpace

This project reflects not only our vision of the space age, but also presents architectural, structural, technological solutions, special attention was paid to the issues of energy supply and life support.

Asteus -multifunctional complex, able to adapt to the environment, transform grow and develop as a living organism.

Stage 1 - the initial launch.

It contains required life-support module, Multiply Hadron Collider, a part of the industrial zone and the necessary equipment.

Stage 2
Station embedded in the asteroid by wedges, it begins to delve the rock, and construct the new modules of the Asteus.

Stages 3
For further development of the wedges are equipped with telescopic pistons able to push the asteroid fragments to the required distance and continue work.

All waste rock is processed in the industrial zone, and then spent on construction new modules for the further settle by human.

Stage 4 - station has all the feature set of a small town.

As soon as the asteroid resource will be exhausted to the limit :

  1. go to another asteroid - provide Earth or resources
  2. to colonize other planets - the station will be on the orbit of another planet, recycle asteroid and send it to a new planet

Power supply is made possible by a system of two MHC, producing fuel from antimatter. The capacity of the fuel will be sufficient to maintain the viability of the station for a long time. Number of MHC due to multitasking station - one for maintenance of the residential part, another-the industrial area, and for the emergency cases.


Team Asteus: Dimitrii Moroz