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Astore Revolve to evolve


Astore Revolve to evolve

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  • Year2014
  • LocationSpace

The project Astore begins with a simple observation: human beings live only on Earth.

Since technological advances and current science developments do not allow sustainable journeys in outer space, living in space remains a challenge.

The extreme conditions that reign in space strain our delicate physical and psychological health and exposure to degrading and unknown factors threatens many space projects. As we are aware of the major issues in space research for the future of our species, this competition has led us to reflect on these notions.

Leading on from this observation, the Astore project aims to present an architectural suggestion for an autonomous space station recreating living conditions suitable for the way we function on earth as human beings, biologically, physiologically, psychologically and chemically.

To meet these challenges, the initial idea of our project is to recreate the gravitational field of Earth within a body in outer space, thus benefiting from many advantages related to the properties of the structural environment: protection against external aggression, availability of raw material on site, use of known technologies... Therefore, the fruit of our reflection, Astore space station, would be directly drilled into an asteroid with selected characteristics. The space defined by the structure would be inspired by the idea of the Stanford Torus, and thus would benefit from an artificial gravitational environment in maintaining an asteroid rotation about an arbitrary axis. The implementation of such a project would require various missions planned in a methodical chronology: detection and selection of an asteroid host, drilling of the toric structure, layout of the interior, rotation of the asteroid, arrival of pioneers before bringing the station on stream.

The possibilities for exploitation of a station such as Astore is multiple, since this structural configuration could be applied in various places in our galaxy to complete projects as diverse as asteroid mining bases necessary for the colonization of Mars, or observation of different planets, or serve as spaceships or even new kind of resorts... Astore would serve to discover new horizons in a sustainable and livable environment.


Team members : Julien Ferraro - Enguerrand Quilliard