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Avant-Post Abyssal


Avant-Post Abyssal

  • Year2023
Self-sufficient underwater energy station, equipped for experimental living conditions.

Located off the Lebanese coast in Jounieh Bays, at a 150m depth, where sunlight is on the verge of vanishing the Abyssal Outpost is a remarkable endeavor that combines innovative design and sustainable technology to create a self-sufficient and functional habitat in the depths of the ocean. Inspired by the form of a crab, the outpost features sturdy legs that serve as energy-generating pistons, firmly planted in the seafloor. These pistons harness the power of the current, converting it into usable energy.

The outpost’s body is designed to mimic the movement of the surrounding current, allowin

Joseph Bitar


I'm an Architect always seeking new innovations and new forms to discover and experiment with.