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BIOLUM_REEF An eco-friendly inhabited reef


BIOLUM_REEF An eco-friendly inhabited reef

Coup de Coeur
  • Year2017
  • LocationMarseille

The Frioul archipelago is located in the Calanques National Park. It marks the geographical epicentre of Marseille, the global capital of the submarine life.

The fragile ecosystem of this island chain is exposed to numerous risks “various wastes, eradication of Posidonia meadows, coastal erosion, pollution”

BIOLUM_REEF F is a biomimetic response having a triple objective:

  1. promote the development of marine biodiversity via an artifi cial reef. Polyfunctional and bioluminescent, it will be printed from plastic wastes.
    The reef will serve as a natural barrier to the open sea, whose waves generated by the Mistral and the ferries tirelessly erode the coastline. In addition, it will produce its own electrical energy (wave and solar power). The reef will also help directing the boats for better navigation and mooring outside the posidonia meadows.
  2. create three semi-submerged and autonomous habitats within the reef. These habitats will be dedicated to collaboration with the oceans, art and knowledge sharing. The program triad, “discover”, “create”, “share”, is aimed at the complementarity of scientific and artistic disciplines for the benefit of wide public. Thus, the aquatic journey of the public will pass through scientifi c laboratories, submarine exploration departure point, design workshops, materials production and waste treatment facilities, lecture halls and showrooms.
  3. propose an “energy-free” and depolluting ecovirtuous cycle, in which wastes = resources.

Organic and plastic wastes and black water will drive the production of algal biomass, ioluminescent lighting, renewable energy, drinking water,salt, various foods, or even be used for 3D-printing of the reef. While depolluting, we 'll be creating conditions for autonomous life having a positive impact on the environment.

The reef inhabited by a multitude of species, both inside and on its periphery, will be the site for interactive underwater walks with the marine world.


Team Members: Lisa Tanet / Laurence Casalot / François Desruelles / Christian Tamburini