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Bloom in Gloom Grow and Glow


Bloom in Gloom Grow and Glow

Akuo SunstyleFloatingFoodGreenMoving BuildingSolar InnovationTechnology
Special Mention
  • Year2018
  • LocationManila Bay, Philippines

The main idea of the Project Bloom in Gloom is to create a diverse fnctional realm to the community by allowing them to co-create, co-design and co-exist in one resilient environement. The Ring of Fire countries will be benifited to design a dynamic belt that will farm electricity, a community engager, a resilient structure and grow its own food. The study combined circuit models, connectivity analysis and least-cost models to identify potential corridors by integrating structure and function of green space patches to provide reliable ecological connectivity network models in the cities. Relevant parameters such as landscape resistance and green space structure (vegetation density, patch size and patch distance) were derived from an expert and literature-based approach based on the preference of bird behaviour.

Michael Angelo

Team : John Briggs Gime, John Paul Felices, Mc Kenly Toling, Ismael Azis, Armando III Martires, James Ballares, Gabriel Salcedo, Norberto Villas