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Cellule source Cellular composition in a urban reticule body.


Cellule source Cellular composition in a urban reticule body.

Coup de Coeur
  • Year2014
  • LocationCity

One of the major effects of the sea level rise is the acceleration of the erosion of the coast submitted to the assaults of more and more frequent and more devastating marine dynamic phenomena. And nightmare scenario showing big submerged metropolis forces us to envision forward-looking solutions allowing to rethink the basement and the city networks which irrigate the city and to change paradigm regarding mobility, regarding energy and housing environment. Compensate the loss of ground and basement with the implementation of new city standards of living, here is the project of Source cell, which bases its reflection on the concepts of impact resilience and necessary evolution for the survival of some developments modes adapted to the environmental problems to come. Source Cell offers revolutionary perspectives of maritime re-earthing and of constitution of grounds and floating basements able to answer to the loss of traditional settling. The new floating city, based on the organization of source cells organized in modules welcoming the networks systems of this new urban space between land and sea, becoming the reticulate and emergent answer of a city landscape which integrates new scales and proudly and firmly rises in front of the climatic disaster with the new responsibility of its aqua-citizens.


Young French architect, presently studying in ENSAPL school of architecture.