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Chimera Stonehenge We will transcend our legacy outside earth


Chimera Stonehenge We will transcend our legacy outside earth

  • Year2019
  • LocationShakelton Crater

The name Chimera was used to express the Bio-Digital, structures fusing features and forms in genetic codes of iconic earth architectural typologies, organic Voronoi patterns and information encoded in human genotype. The new project is a result of fusion of Digital parametric technology, genetic engineering and the ancient architecture legacy that was sensitive toward the Cosmos. It deals with the buildings as a living organism that carries multi creatures genetic code fused all together to create surprising and unexpected generations of buildings all built using automated 3D printing mobile robots with artificial intelligence systems

The Bio-Digital genetic engineering used here is accomplished in three basic steps. These are:

  1. The encoding of Architectural style DNA fragments from a main iconic selected style;
  2. The insertion of an isolated architectural DNA fragment into a nature Voronoi pattern
  3. The 3D printing of the new chimera megalithic project using Lunar regolith.


The Chimera Stonehenge project will be operated by 3 sources of power:

  1. Using solar satellites orbiting around the south pole, and securing all connections with Earth
  2. The Solar panels deployed at the rim of the crater will transmit wireless microwaves also to the antennas
  3. 9 Nuclear batteries implanted at the middle to melt the iced water and provide the main operating power source for the colony on a long term.


  1. The inner enforcement mesh is made of a shape-memory alloy. It is an alloy that can be deformed under certain temperatures but returns to its pre-deformed (“remembered“) shape when returned to its original temperature. Reinforcement made of shape-memory alloys will be lightweight to be suitable for the payload of the rockets coming from Earth.
  2. 3D printing concepts that are being explored here is to turn lunar regolith into a molten ceramic. This viscous liquid is then printed out and freezes directly