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COBRA PRISON Among Us There Is No Place For Them


COBRA PRISON Among Us There Is No Place For Them

  • Year2016
  • LocationMars

Cobra prison has a unique design. It designed to be assembled and build in the space. To achieve that I had to design for completely different four main units to be joined together to form the full project.

The four units are. The head of the prison, which deals with different services such as the control base, the clinic to provide health services for prisoners and guards, and the guard's area. The second unit is the connection unit these units can be used to connect different parts of the present such as the head with the rest of the body. The body is designed for two units. First one is the corridor unit to be linked together with a magnetic field to form the snake body shape And in the third part where are the prisoners will be kept in the cell unit these cells mini spaceships they can transport prisoners from Earth to space and act as the cell when it attached to the body. And the last part is the tail providing Energy storage area and the connection base between Earth prisons. The full body of the present provided with PV panels to generate Energy needed.

This is a brief about Cobra prison. It will be more detailed and the rest of the report.