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Divers-cité synergétique A new system of energy production


Divers-cité synergétique A new system of energy production

  • Year2013
  • LocationSea

The original idea that has put us on the path of this project is the energy production system to overcome the current challenges in the field of hydrogen.

Several sources have inspired us, the most notable is the Arctic sea star. We have a plan directly detected. The center as an energetic heart, the lateral extensions as places to live and work in constant motion. Ends connected by pipes to export products. We have also seen a membrane in the background, which could act as a submerged reef, over, there was even a port and marina ... you see them?

Then a design phase of several months has enabled us to organize our ideas. With the help of sketches, articles and extensive data collected we determined the form (hydrodynamics and organic) and functions entailed.

The transition to CAD beginning with the plans, has allowed us to implement the project and to realize some errors in the original design. In contrast to what our sketch shows, the reef is now less than 20 meters deep, this for one simple reason: to allow the growth of corals.


Team members: Lara Mancelli Bani