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Dodecaplex Space Ecosystem Revamp The Future


Dodecaplex Space Ecosystem Revamp The Future

  • Year2015
  • LocationSpace

The Dodecaplex Space Ecosystem is a project conceived to solve the current needs for space exploration, focusing on: avoiding dependency on Earth's resources, adaptation to new technologies and maintaining life. The Spacecraft will act as a future place of residence and a method of transportation to other planetary systems.

Applying membranes as functional units, separating spaces, protecting the Station from the exterior, we will maintain life.

Using biological processes such as photosynthesis, essential for cell life, to produce oxygen for human life, we generate the capacity to sustain a whole organism, or in this case, a whole station.

Capable of adaptation, as a modular installation in expansion and continuous evolution, the Station would welcome additions as a result of new scientific discoveries and technologies.

In an expanding universe, we will apply pure geometry in the form of a perfect polyhedron, providing the ideal living space.

The Dodecaplex Space Ecosystem, autonomous organism paying homage to a perfect geometry capable of reaching new horizons, would lead us to destinations lying farther than we could have previously imagined.


Team Members : Fernando Ortiz Martinez de Carnero, Manuel Dominguez de la Iglesia