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Electric coral reef station For the reconstruction of the corral barrier


Electric coral reef station For the reconstruction of the corral barrier

  • Year2014
  • Location-

A framework of movable steel girders and steel reef ball structures is designed in a way to support the growth of natural coral. The design's section shows the movable Meta balls connected to an electrical cable that is attached to floating solar panels on the water surface. Small bits of natural coral are attached to this steel frame in order to generate further growth.

This electrical current is low enough for divers to swim around the structure but strong enough to create an electric field around the frame which condenses dissolved calcium carbonate out of seawater and attaches itself to the steel frame in order to build the limestone skeleton.

The coral fragments tied to the calcium carbonate covered frame help limestone skeleton growth which is the foundation for natural corals. Coral is important be it natural or artificial as it buffers the impact of hurricanes and tsunamis in coastal regions. By slowing down and reducing the force of waves as they approach the shore, reefs can diminish the distance and amplitude of the waves travelling inland. The healthier and more structurally complex a reef is the more friction it provides and the better it protects the coastline, mitigating coastal damage. This project supports the growth and protection of coral reefs for their beauty and biodiversity.