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GUP - Grace Under Pressure


GUP - Grace Under Pressure

  • Year2023
GUP is a self-sufficient underwater habitat suitable for accommodating people engaged in work and research in the depths of the sea.

Gup can be placed in still largely unexplored environments, particularly on the slopes of underwater mountains, at depths ranging from 400 to 1,000 meters. Gup is divided into six main components:

  •  Primary fixing structure
  • Secondary fixing structure
  • Living spaces
  • Work and research spaces
  • Common spaces
  • Technical spaces

The colony has a hybrid configuration because it is not exclusively limited to advanced research; it is also open to short or medium-term stays of individuals in a pelagic environment at depth.

David Raponi


David Raponi studied architecture at the University of Florence and he founded in 1998 his firm, an architectural and digital art studio based in Ancona – Italy - called HOV.
The office has been at the forefront of the development of the digital design in architecture since its beginning and some of Hov’s works have been awarded in international contests, published in books, magazine and several webzines.
Actually HOV produces architecture as well art.