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Harbour 2.0 Towards a revival of the harbour cities


Harbour 2.0 Towards a revival of the harbour cities

  • Year2014
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The necessity of the harbor zones is indisputable. Cannot we act in favour of a revival allying territory, architecture, town planning and protection of the ecosystems? Can we hope to find the original relation between the Man and the Sea?

In front of the irreversible effects in particular the recurring pollutions and of the destruction of biotopes, HARBOUR 2.0 advocates a forward-looking arrangement. The project plans to restore a natural territory to the people and to the biodiversity. This symbolic place of reconquest, new territory 'sanctuary', will allow a rediscovery of the local flora and fauna by a valuation of the ecosystems allied to infrastructures of future (systems of cleanup, generator of energy, public buildings). HARBOUR 2.0 is an adaptable and progressive process. With a simple intervention by the investment of a primary stitch, the association of floating modules allows the creation of a natural landscape, which shapes in the time in the course of decades.

This one compound (made up) of autonomous ecosystems which get organized gradually in self-management towards a climatique state the stability of which is based on the human non-intervention in the constitution of the bio-spatial entities.

Under the sea, its technical constitution also has a vocation of treatment of diverse pollutions (Hydrocarbons, chemical, macro-waste) by various techniques (Natural lagooning, filtration by seaweeds, dégrillage, dredging) And the support of development of a local biodiversity.

New sanctuarized territory adaptable to any typology, HARBOUR 2.0 aims to be a resolutely sensitive, technical and ecological answer to the evolution of the harbour cities, our company and undoubtedly in our modes to live.


Team members: Martial Copin, Matthieu Preuvot