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Hydropolis Salty oasis


Hydropolis Salty oasis

  • Year2013
  • LocationDesert areas

This project proposes the creation of channels that will bring ocean water directly into holding tanks.

These basins will take the image of a sewage treatment plant as a solar oven that will collect the condensed water (pure water) and allocate them to proliferate life all around.

This basins are divided into three zones: the first retention zone where water is stored and then purified. Then a living area where fresh water will operate and allow the development of activities.

And a transition zone in the form of an edge or boundary between the pools and the nature where the wastewater is collected and then stored again in the filter basins. It is also an area where it gives back to nature what belongs to it. This is called ecotones. Formally, these basins operate the image of a leaf where a system (piped) ribs would distribute fresh water in the vicinity.


A young architect graduated from ENSA Versailles