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IDeA Itinerant sports equipments in the service of the planet.


IDeA Itinerant sports equipments in the service of the planet.

CulturalDesignEducationalEnergyEnvironmentFloatingInfrastructureMovableMoving BuildingSport
  • Year2014
  • LocationOcean

IDeA is an audacious proposal which gathers various installations and floating and combinable sport complexes which can move in fleet from one continent to an other, via the oceans. IDeA meets the needs of the Olympic organization and other big international events games in maritime cities. This project left a simple report: by mutualizing certain sport infrastructures the organizing countries can concentrate on their urban development as well as on the construction of infrastructures of transport, tourism and energy as well as housing which will be long-lasting and necessary.

The project gives developing countries a possibility to participate in these organizations.

IDeA is also a structure which gives sense to the values conveyed by Olympics. They chose to do a mobile sports superstructure using the wind as major driving energy to create an autonomous and environment-friendly structure.

Their answer gathers symbolism and architectural technics for the needs engendered by the implementation of the international sports events such as Olympics.


Team members : Paul Piquemal - Marion Vincent - Aymeric Bettinger - Romain Chambonnier