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Incredible floatable A floddproof system


Incredible floatable A floddproof system

  • Year2013
  • LocationParis

Incredible Floatable is a resilient proposal for cities facing a potential risk of flooding.

The aim is to build a sustainable human network and a self-sufficient community where technology and municipal services are expected to fail.

Indeed, the Incredible Floatables make possible a community based strategy for resilience. They encourage collaborative initiatives and build a preliminary network of aware and committed neighbors PRIOR to the crisis.

Therefore, the Incredible Floatables are base stations to be strategically distributed in urban areas.They become an iconic structure seen and used by all citizens to stimulate a self-sufficient way of living and a comprehensive approach to risk.

To face the flood the Incredible Floatables are thought as autonomous floating rooms providing practical services before, during and after the long-lasting environmental crisis


  • The Incredible Flotables can be used as spacious rooms for art making, music rehearsing, work meetings, special events and any activity requiring space one does not have at home. They are a new urban feature equipped with book and clothing barter spaces.
  • In the city the Incredible Floatable rooms act as co-working and shared spaces. In the backyards of suburban areas they serve as extra rooms for living and storage. Acquiring one is an engagement to the community emergency plan. They foster awareness and prevention.


  • The community is organized and has been trained to help others and to survive in a self-sustaining network. All the Incredible Floatables are shared to become the crisis management hubs.


  • After the flood, the Incredible Floatables are support centers for information and services and material supplies for reconstruction. They are the main actors for resilience.


Team members: Héloise Desaissement - Anne Charlotte Astrup Chauvaux - Bertilla Martin de Baudiniere - Guillaume Avila - Camille Fauvel - Laura Cherubin - Anna Stein - Safia Quali