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International Sustainable Space Union


International Sustainable Space Union

Coup de Coeur
  • Year2023
Sustainable Space Development is a significant hurdle that humanity must overcome to ensure a prosperous and sustainable space future.

As we venture into space, it's important to remember that our ability to launch rockets from Earth is the foundation for humanity's space future. With plans to establish bases on the Moon, Mars, and beyond, it's crucial that we prevent the Kessler syndrome. To combat this threat, we must remove debris from orbit and use reusable rockets to reduce environmental impact. By developing an orbital industry, we can provide clean energy and make space more accessible while preserving our space legacy for future generations. Our space future should be both innovative and environmentally conscious. 

Matija Tomšić


My name is Matija Tomšić and I am a founder of Artor - visual design studio based in Zagreb, Croatia. I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2007 with a Master of Arts degree in graphics and painting. My professional career includes working as a designer and a team lead in a media company, co-founding several startups, winning several awards in graphic and product design realms, and finally founding my studio.