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Climate & rising waters

Jalapur The Waters City

Climate & rising waters

Jalapur The Waters City

Coup de Coeur
  • Year2013
  • LocationThe Gulf of Bangladesh

JalaPur is a mosaic composed of islands linked to each other by waterways. It is developing in the context of the maritime urbanization where each island is divided into completely self-sufficient blocks.

Each island that we can call a “city“, includes sub -autonomous systems where life flourishes with ease.

It offers an intuitive and responsive architecture in accordance with the environmental values, traditional and peculiar to this part of the world ”‹- The Gulf of Bangladesh.

The project takes on a significant challenge to include a human dimension, which suggests inviting guests to interact with water. The goal is to create a new way to live and work with water without radically changing our lifestyle.


Team members: Laura Guépin