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L'Arche d'Eden An ecological reserve in the sea


L'Arche d'Eden An ecological reserve in the sea

AnimalsEcosystemEnvironmentFloatingInfrastructureLandscapeMovableMoving BuildingShip
  • Year2014
  • LocationOcean

Established on a pessimistic thought of the Man, the Arc of Eden appears as the ultimate recourse for animals' protection and vegetable species on Earth.

According to the Bible, to punish the wickedness of Men, God decided to flood them all with all the animals but ordered Noé to build a huge boat where he”d put under cover his family and a couple of each animal species.

The Arc of Eden is a reinterpretation of the Noé's Arc under the form of a floating ecological reserve.

The aim is to protect environmental development and keep a wealthy ecosystems.

Based on a module 1250 meters in diameter, the Arc of Eden is adaptable to all the climates (equatorial, polar, tropical, dry, etc.) and proposes a place of fixed refuge or adrift.

The idea is to recreate a world in autarky and the illusion of a world completed with a purely artificial topography capable to reconstitute the nature in all its perfection : mountains, caves, tunnels, ponds, lakes, etc.

Nevertheless, the presence of the Man remains necessary for the smooth running of the Island. An off-centered district is exclusively dedicated to the housing of the staff (naval police, scientists, researchers, etc.) and determines the unique(only) assembly point with the outside.


A young architect graduated from ENSA Versailles