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Le Navire The H.M Ship: The City of the Future


Le Navire The H.M Ship: The City of the Future

  • Year2017
  • LocationSea

The sea today appears as a seventh continent, a new land opportunity that could be exploited as a common heritage for all of humanity.

Naval architecture is a very specific area of design adapted to the sea, carrying all dreams and utopias.

The H.M ship will have as its first vocation to welcome the climate and political refugees in order to offer them habitat and security by a process that takes into account the imperatives of the marine environment: adaptation of structures and forms to the environment.

The volume is inspired by the univalve shell, from which it has been possible to deduce a more stretched and smoother shape which allows it to absorb less impact, and consequently the consumption of energies is reduced. This project imitates the shell in the fact that its shell protects its interior from all external risks and in the fact that the latter regenerates itself by the use of intelligent materials capable of regeneration.

The bridge of command is placed at the head of the ship for a good vigilance, the engines and all the machinery down for a better stability and the turbine in tail for a better energetic efficiency.

A central courtyard is created to provide aeration and sunshine, green spaces are also set up to ensure a better quality of air and life.

The vessel consists of several bridges: staff housing, sports and recreation, teaching and coworking space, trade and catering and refugee habitat bridges; a central hall to ensure aeration and sunshine, green spaces to ensure a better quality of air and life.

This project is a simple proposal approach, the first stage of any new philosophy of naval architecture.