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Live on Venus Making Venus habitable


Live on Venus Making Venus habitable

  • Year2016
  • Location-

The project is a construction, which is located on Venus. This complex provides for the establishment of the colony of people who will not need the resources of the earth, it will also be able to supply the useful ground minerals from Venus.

The design consists of three main parts. The first (bottom) part - is a robotic mining complex on the surface of Venus, which is intended for the production, processing and sending of minerals “up” using the space elevator. The space elevator, in turn, is the link of the whole structure and the main transport channel between the parts of the structure.

The second part is the “Cloud City“. It is located at an altitude of 75 kilometers and maintained at a height by using aerostats. The city consists of four platforms, each of which has a specific function and is a place of work people of a certain specialization. This is the main “workplace“. All places for experiments for the study of the planets are situated here.

The third part is - “Stanford Torus“. Located at an altitude of 150 kilometers, it consists of two rings of diameters 37.5 and 75 kilometers. Place to stay located on the inner sides of the ring, but outside of the inside is also equipped with a place of entertainment and meetings. On the outer sides of the rings are arranged solar belt. They are one of the main sources of energy. Transport people to the Torus is carried out by means of a space elevator, which has a diameter in a cross section from 4 to 1 km depending on the height. In the area of wind, less than 75 kilometers are located a large number of wind turbines to generate electricity.