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Live the tide A new way to visit the Bay of Fundy


Live the tide A new way to visit the Bay of Fundy

  • Year2013
  • LocationBay of Fundy

Anchored to the seabed, two habitable metal pillars on which slide the gallery spaces that will follow the level of the sea rising. Those gallery will generate different experiences and activities within the same space.

To this vertical motion spaces adds a rich and punctuated opposite experiences on the horizontal path. In the galleries, the visitor finds himself in a cozy atmosphere, warm, where he is protected from the weather. To move from one gallery to another, visitors must pass through the metal catalysts. At the heart of these, he is in contact with the sky, the sea and the ocean floor, exposed to the elements and weather.

The catalyst increases the experience of the natural elements that characterize the site. The metal reflects light, reflects the sky, oxidizes in contact with water, traps the steam, produces a sound effect when it receives raindrops. It amplifies each natural phenomena, providing the user with a contemplative and poetic experience, where all the senses are stimulated. The landscape is experienced not only visually, but also sensitive and tactile level.


Team members: Anne Saint-Laurent - Mathieu Turgeon