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Living the reef Reciprocal occupation for research


Living the reef Reciprocal occupation for research

AnimalsDesignEnvironmentFloatingFuturisticInfrastructureMovableMoving BuildingUnderwater
  • Year2014
  • LocationOcean-Reef

The conquest of the ocean has always been a dream for mankind. Throughout History, technical advances have enabled man to navigate the ocean and learn about it. Today, technology allows us to take a new step in this dream, and there are different areas of opportunity worldwide . Today, the conquest of the sea can be, more than a dream, an advantage.

The proposal is NOT JAWS. Unlike Spielberg's shark, the device does not intend to be aggressive or dangerous. It seeks a reciprocal occupation of the environment. Its target is the necessary coexistence of humans with the natural environment in a time when we are more aware than ever that we can not be Jaws.

This coexistence is based on its supply archipelago, which acts as a seed of life in a technological device. Its islands, which initially serve only to supply the device, become biological catalysts that propagate marine flora and attract fish and fauna. In the ocean, the big fish always eats the small one, so eventually the device's hull, or exoskeleton, would become an ecosystem of artificial origin.

The biggest challenge that presented the proposal was the technical challenge. Technical rigor was the key to generate a strong project, so it had the collaboration of technical specialists in offshore projects to ensure a reasonable technical basis. There have been tests of virtual wind tunnel to optimize forms to specific site conditions, besides other analysis.

In addition, the project incorporates other techniques as the design of a courtyard ( BELLY ) and mouth to feed light interior spaces. A convex mirrors system covering the whole belly reflects light to allow the deeper areas to be well illuminated. This, together with a passive ventilation system trough the belly and mouth after injecting air from the exoskeleton, makes the proposal more than just another waterscraper.

A reciprocal occupation. A living reef, inhabited in turn inside. Living the dream, Living the Reef .


Young student studying architecture.