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Mangrove-ball Mangroves, a natural solution


Mangrove-ball Mangroves, a natural solution

  • Year2013
  • Location-

This project offers a new way of living, taking into account the living conditions of people living resources that provide their mangroves .

Indeed it is to create housing on modules for large-scale water to protect existing forests and on a smaller scale, allow the spread of mangroves. The goal is that each residential group care of ” the forest .” These are permanent structures that are gradually invaded by the plant . It is a noble and precarious architecture that can adapt to many areas where the mangrove is or was previously located.

Many modules are well located along existing mangroves forming a green belt to protect . The inhabitants of each mangrove -ball are in charge a small mangrove planting in their module and when it is fully developed Plantations within each module are the responsibility of the people who have to leave the homes where the mangrove has reached maturity and took possession of the architecture. A new green mangrove belt -ball is then built . Mangrove then comes gradually expand its territory in favor of which are now better protected from hurricanes and tsunamis coastal homes.


Team members: Adelaïde Rativel