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Marinna A recreational port


Marinna A recreational port

  • Year2013
  • LocationPorts

The Project of the marina, recreational port consisting of modules. Its elements can be combined to create the structure which does not interfere with the nature surrounding us. The marina may take the form corresponding to the expectations of sailors and traditional tourists. The system can be modified depending on it's destiny. The elements as a result of their size and weight are easy to distribute and transport.

Components of the platform are based on the same construction and materials. Each of it has a different function. The oblong element has two water dispensers and 2 slots for access to the electricity. The additional feature is the reflectors, which are an alternative to the traditional way of mooring boats. Triangular element allows to split the deck into two or three directions. Arc-shaped element has a ladder, which, may be spred out when necessary. Quadrant-shaped element allows to turn the way of the bridge by 90 degrees. Folding three elements creates the space for mounting the bench.

There are many possibilities for combining elements. The system is movable, flexible and fits into any kind of landscapes. No need to change the surrounding environment.

Elements of the system are: Info-point, ballast, ladder, seat, 4 elements that make the platform.

The ladder is made of stainless steel coated with a soft rubber. It is a folding element. When it's not used it's hidden completely in the platform slot.

The seat is a dedicated for recreation harbors, but it can be also included into the typical sports systems.

The seat is fixed to the quarter circle shaped elements.

Info-point is a sloar-powered element . It is equipped with solar panels and batteries to store excess energy. The excess energy is used to illuminate the Info-point at night. The touch panel, high contrast amoled allows using it during sunny days and at night. It offers internet access and the possibility to pay harbor fees.