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MARS MISSION Colonization of Mars


MARS MISSION Colonization of Mars

DesignEducationalEnvironmentInfrastructureLife in spaceMoonMovableTechnologyUtopia
Grand Prix Laureat
  • Year2014
  • LocationMars

Because of vanishing resources and ever expanding population, discussions have been conduced to develop an off world colony in support for another 200 years. There is no way but finding another habitable planet. The Mars mission is a three phases project to achieve Mars colonization. The first phase is “exploration”. A group of researchers together with equipement will be sent to Mars to study history, geology, as well as possible signs of life. The second phase is “Experiment”. The idea is to establish an experimental self-sustainable settlement to carry out the test of an autonomous eco-system. The Third phase is “Terraforming”. This is an “Earth-shaping” process that forms a living environment similar to earth. At the end of the process Mars will become another home to humanity.


Team members : Choy Chung-lam, Chueng Sze-yu, Chuang Cheng-lin