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Murakami A passenger vessel terminal of Tokyo's


Murakami A passenger vessel terminal of Tokyo's

  • Year2013
  • LocationEstuary of Tokyo bay

There are several wharf in Tokyo but no hub for domestic ship.

The site is near to the down town Tokyo and has a near station.

Tokyo prefecture specified 5 canals area for tourism and activating water front area.

The site is about the center of 5 canals area.

The program is passenger vessel terminal of Tokyo's marine traffic.

Like softly putting on a scarf, making a huge roof above the estuary of Tokyo bay.

The ballooned roof is made of films which make buoyancy of heated air inside.
To heat the air inside with sunlight, films are patterned with transparent/semitransparent/opaque materials that cause convection.
Like cirrostratus causes optical phenomenon, this roof makes beautiful patterns of lights and shades, Moiré pattern, reflections etc...

Thin pillows are connected to buoys that copy the waves on the roof.
These pillows sometimes support and sometimes pull the roof.
Pillows are made of pipe and connected with hoses that it is able to control the air inside the roof when there is no sunlight.

The volumes under the roof are floating such like an boat.

Floor and roof, both are drifting on and above the waves.
It makes the space fit in frail horizontal landscape of the water surface.


A young architect graduated from the Kyoto University graduate School of Architecture