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Climate & rising waters


Climate & rising waters


  • Year2023
  • LocationSt. Louis, Senegal
St. Louis, Senegal, faces rising sea levels. This configuration aims to help community's life adaptation to living on water.

Faced with climate change and rising sea levels in St. Louis, Senegal, our design has three phases: pre-crisis, crisis, and post-crisis. Pre-crisis involves mangrove-inspired buildings, residents on the second floor, and mosque protection. Crisis sees elevated platforms, Y-shaped structures, and a water system. Post-crisis utilizes submerged areas, minarets, and bunkers, with Y-shaped structures for markets and farms, ensuring adaptation and resilience. To conclude, Our design promotes adaptation, resilience, and life preservation in climate uncertainty.

Watsaphol Nuntanitti


I have a passion for architectural design, as well as the development of architecture into the future. I began to immerse myself in architectural design within an environmentally conscious context after choosing a thesis topic at the master's level that aimed to find solutions in architecture capable of addressing the challenges humanity faces due to climate change. Architecture must endure, and I am also fascinated by the lifestyle and growth of cities in the future. I hope, more than anything,