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Nokomis One A future history for mars


Nokomis One A future history for mars

Life in space
  • Year2015
  • LocationMars

Nokomis One is a techno-utopic frontier town, home to over one thousand pioneers researching, mining, and planting; working to establish the first permanent home on Mars. Founded as a base for asteroid mining and scientific research operations, the habitat's initial outset as a rough bootstrapping camp enabled by technology to battle the elements, left an indelible mark. This spirit was matched by the creation of architecture that celebrates complex life-supporting infrastructures by embedding within collective sublime spaces of social delight. The balance of work and leisure, adventure and terror, loneliness and deep connection, are all brought into focus on Mars.

In space, where the limitations are many, but the future architectural possibilities are immense, human intervention in this vast territory is an opportunity. The future created here shifts imagination of space from the foreign unknown and reinserts ideas of pleasure, desire, and even the mundane. Nokomis One has become the model for reimagining the environmental factors that drive the design and creation of new architectures in unknown worlds. Architecture will continue to mediate environments on new planets to create new cultural human sensibilities for plausible, desirable worlds.


Team members : Caitlin Cashner, Stephen Sarver