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Nuctron “Centric, the world revolves around me”


Nuctron “Centric, the world revolves around me”

  • Year2016
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In an attempt to leave the world behind, and find a new dependency out in space, my greed takes over, i want a new center. Friedrich Engels once said “From the first day to this, sheer greed was the driving spirit. Not that greed is a negative virtue, no not; greed is my driving force to create a new world out of reach of our current world. it's a greed to create a better world. Though the origin is Earth itself, one should not forget their own roots; however; use it wisely to grow deep in all medium.

Seneca once mentioned “For greed all nature is too little”. True to that, what the entire universe has to offer me, what I have learnt through basic physics and biology, the essence of life, will be mimicked in my new center, just like electrons rotate around a nucleus, and just like lotuses grow in the mud. What is better than learning from our ancestors, the great minds, studying their philosophies and using them for our greater motif? Through a deeper study of the laws Sir Isaac Newton was able to discover, I reinterpret living in space, by creating a stabilized system capable of fully supporting itself and producing in space.

Nuctron is system composed of two elements Nucli Station and Electron Unit. The Nucli Station acts as our life source; mimicking the earth; giving us land, air, water, sun and our necessities. Electron circulates around Nucli in space in search for usable resources whether on the moon, on other planets, or in space itself. When Electron finds a resource it takes a base home nearby; leaving Nucli to continue on its search of space. Electron is able to support itself without referring to the main station when it leaves its own orbit.


I'm a masters Architecture student, studying at University of Balamand. I'm a dedicated student; I study architecture with enthusiasm and driving force.