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Ocean Stations Docking stations for ocean travel


Ocean Stations Docking stations for ocean travel

  • Year2017

The year is 2058. Human population growth has peaked since 2050. About 80% of Earth's surface is water while about 20% is land. The exceeding speed in space exploration of the last 50 years has seen man kind extended the colonisation into Mars. However, this is only possible for the elites and the rich.

Meanwhile, human on Earth has decided to let go the differences, culture conflicts, and discrimination against any man kind, protect mother nature, and continue the existence of Homo sapiens. In order to advance a peace and prospers life, the United Nation has decided to dissolve national and international borders, so everyone is a citizen of Earth who can freely mobilise on the land and the sea.

International fossil fuel industry has clasped since 2020, replaced by renewable energy industry. The large private corporations therefore has abandoned large industrial waste sites, mega mining structures including offshore oil platforms.

The ports of the future is about:

  • Creating new habitats for human.
  • Creating new landscape for handling every kind of traffic, people, ships, storage, containers, etc.
  • Creating small self sustaining communities.
  • Creating protection and shelter for ocean travel and sea voyagers.
  • Cultivation of algae micro-organism to generate biodegradable fuel, and alternative food sources
  • Adopting industrial production of Luffa, Luffa sponge structure to generate new marine habitats.

Earth is not owned by just man kind. Human coexist with other living beings on this plant. We share the same water, air, sun, and the will to make it better. We need to appreciate what mother nature has been so generous in accommodating human civilization. It will never be too late to understand the biological principles, and take care of the natural and built environment.