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Ocean warrior Oceanographic Station for Ecological Pirates


Ocean warrior Oceanographic Station for Ecological Pirates

  • Year2013
  • LocationOcean

This project proposes the creation of a network of mobile marine base to provide appropriate infrastructure to make more effective the actions of environmental protection made by the Sea Shepherd's Neptune Fleet and transform them for future requirements.

The stations will be located in areas that enable them legal and political independence.

They will be adaptable to any marine environment, and will hybridize the work of people, boats, fleets, passive defenses...

The future projection will not only require making a labor of defensive intervention in extreme cases, but also monitoring, control and patrol, recovery and conservation of marine ecosystems. The program will be based on an autonomous center that combines accommodation for crew and research staff, areas of repair and maintenance of the fleet, research labs and innovation centers to process marine waste and pollution, rescue and recovery center wildlife, and facilities for observation, energy production, algae farms and fresh water production.

The stations would be comprised of three specialized units, and its various modes of aggregation, combination and setups in the sea, would protect marine reserves, running blockades and sieges to enemy structures, control accidental discharges and blocking highways or regenerate damaged seabed to recover biological capacity.

The stations are designed by learning from the structure of unicellular organisms, by enveloping, connective, interstitial and structural tissues, that now will depend on crew flows, emergency routes, programmatic organizations, research areas demand, resource production, observatories... and the organizational structure of users based on their technical profiles. Marine structures will be adaptable to the requirements of each operation of the environmental organization.


An architect graduated from Polytechnic School University of Alicante