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Plastic recycler A Floating incinerator


Plastic recycler A Floating incinerator

  • Year2013
  • LocationPacific Ocean

Pacific Recycler is the floating incinerator. It can move for thousands kilometers, as far as a normal ship. His mission is to sort, recycle and burn the floating garbage, and also filter the water in the center of The Pacific Ocean.

Its bearing construction is made of metal. Engines work on fuel, but it also uses the energy, generated during the working process.

The embarkational gateway is situated between two decks. It collects water with trash; the water gets poured off, and the trash lifts up in the storage #1. After that, the trash goes to the sorting department, where it separates into recyclable and unrecyclable. Plastic pieces from filters and recyclable materials go to the storage #2, and then the process of recycling begins. Finally, we have recycled plastic granules to use or to sell. Unrecyclable materials get burned. Gases, which formed during the burning process and recycling, are filtered. Hot steam is used in power generating; this energy goes to engines and crew deck. Recycled polymer granules and dross are stored in the lower levels of decks.

The crew deck is situated in the front of the ship. It includes: cabins, bridge, medical deck, dining room, restroom and storeroom. Two heliports and hoistman deck are situated above the gateway. The crane is situated to the rear of the ship.

The factory is faced by the solar battery louvers, they generate energy, too.


A young Architect graduated from Moscow Architectural University