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Climate & rising waters


Climate & rising waters


Grand Prix Laureat
  • Year2022
  • LocationCoastline

To address various problems caused by sea level rise, we propose a building “PURIFYING CLOUD” that harvests fresh water. Harvested water will be used for Human activity or filtered, and eventually returned to the ground to be stored in aquifers.

The storage and infiltration of fresh water not only prevent aquifer depletion, but also mitigates the loss of agricultural land due to salt damage. Our project floats along brackish water. Our proposal is applicable anywhere in the world where salt damage is in progress. Sea level rise are causing salt damage to soil all over the world. In brackish water area, agricultural land and residential area are being set back due to salt damage. We propose PURIFYING CLOUD to inhibit chronic salt damage by generating fresh water. As rain clouds bring various blessings to our lives, PURIFYING CLOUD maintains agricultural land and residential area by condensing dew.

This architecture consists of two floating surfaces.

These surfaces are rain generators that generate fresh water through condensation caused by the temperature difference between its skin and atmosphere. Gently ripple shape of the rain generator gains greater surface area, and more fresh water can be generated. The fresh water generated moves along undulations of the surface, circulates through the building, and then returns to the ground. The surfaces are tautly connected with wires to form trusses, which partially contact the ground to transfer loads to the ground.


Team members : Noda Yusuke, Nitta Ryo, Nakatani Sogo, Usuda Yusaku, Sukeno Tomoki, Fujiwara Miyuki