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Quintessence Millennial Space Architecture


Quintessence Millennial Space Architecture

AtmosphereCityCommunityFuturisticInterstellarKineticLife in spaceMoonOrbitalSpaceTechnologyUtopia
Grand Prix Laureat
  • Year2018
  • LocationEarth, the Solar System and TRAPPIST-1

The project, inspired by the 2017 discovery of TRAPPIST-1, was the result of dense research, taking from the fields of film, science fiction, proven science and imagined futures to produce a written thesis, portfolio and film.

The project Quintessence isn’t about abandoning our planet in some dystopian future; it instead dreams of what may be possible architecture expands into space. While space holds a plethora of complex challenges for architects and engineers, if overcome, we can create spectacular architecture that manipulates gravity, programs time and engineers nature.

Jordan-William HUGUES


An architect, artist and dreamer.

Great Britain