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Re-Source Return to the Mother Sea


Re-Source Return to the Mother Sea

AtmosphereCityEcosystemEnergyEnvironmentInfrastructureRecyclingScientific ResearchSustainabiltyTechnology
Grand Prix Laureat
  • Year2015
  • Locationport cities

In order to serve the environmental cause and to use the economic potential of the sea, we chose to work on the Port, hot spot of imbalances to the interactions between Humanity and the Sea.

The micro-algae, sustainable natural resource, is the main component of the 3rd generation Bio-fuel. We came up with a Bio-fuel generating station replicable from port to port. These structures offer an eco-production for bio-fuel, which would be distributed in-situ. To achieve an autonomous and perpetual fabrication, the factory is built as a giant siphon which allows the fluids to flow without prior energy input.

The structure is located on the main dyke and acts as a center of attraction: each of the stations hosts a joint academic and leisure program. Re-source bases include an academic research center and a resort in addition to the fueling station.

Re-Source is an innovative proposal to the production of the 3rd generation Bio-fuel. It offers an economic hub based on Micro - Algae resource, aware and respectful of environmental issues.


Paul Morini, Yorick Isnard