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Recifa Artificial reefs to promote the development of the mangrove


Recifa Artificial reefs to promote the development of the mangrove

EcosystemEnvironmentInfrastructureLandscapeSea Level Rise
  • Year2014
  • LocationOcean

There is a natural response to the rising water problem: The mangrove

Mangrove directly occupies the area subject to tidal influences. It is closely linked to the herbarium (or coast) and reefs. Indeed, it needs to develop in calm water, devoid of swell. This is the reef, by breaking waveswhich protects and provides mangroves, a favorable environment.

So to facilitate the development of this particular ecosystem, it is urgent to intensify the creation of new artificial reefs that will enable the development of necessary corals to flourish mangrove biomass.

The Recifa facilitate the reactions involved in the formation of organic matter component mangroves. These structures play the role of artificial reefs for growth of mangrove biomass in coastal waters. They are placed upstream and thus allow to break the waves and in fact encourage the development of the mangrove below. They use coastal hydrodynamics to facilitate the aggregation of soluble chemical compounds (this through regular introductions in the coastal waters of these chemical compounds).

In addition, Recifa also serve as scientific observatories for the study of underwater species.

By depriving coastlines of much of their leisure activities, Récifa can recover these activities on their hospitality platform. The hotel platform, will allow terrestrial populations enjoy life at sea. They can enjoy various fun activities and a unique center of observation of aquatic life

An integrated resource management will be promoted on this platform. This, through:

  • A wind turbine system
  • Solar panels
  • A recycling (biogas) organic waste from the exploitation of Recifa

Séni Boni

Team members : Lawhal El Chitou