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Climate & rising waters

Regenerative Islands

Climate & rising waters

Regenerative Islands

Grand Prix Laureat
  • Year2023
Regenerative islands promote the accumulation of sand and self-growth ability of islands by using the power of waves.

Pacific island nations are threatened by coastal erosion and submergence due to storm surges and sea level rising must adapt to the changing natural environment. This proposal does not destroy ecosystems by artificial barriers, but rather promotes the sustainable self-growth capacity of islands by controlling ocean waves and promoting the accumulation of sand on the islands. Furthermore, by creating sandbars over the shallows, the environment, culture, and ecosystem of the island nation will be reconstructed, creating a future with new landscapes that are softly adapted to climate change.

Yuki Mori


Teams members : Yutaro Yamaguchi / Haruka Seki / Ayano Higuma / Mizuto Saito / Hiroto Kagesawa / Tomoya Matsuo

Entered the Faculty of Economics at Keio University and transferred to the Department of System Design Engineering at the Faculty of Science and Technology, where majored in architectural design. During the undergraduate and graduate studies at Keio University, being a member of Darko Radovic laboratory and then Jorge Almazan laboratory, specializing in architectural design and urban design. The title of the graduation thesis is Practice-Based Research on Public/Private In.