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S.A.M An autonomous modular space station


S.A.M An autonomous modular space station

DesignLife in space
Grand Prix Laureat
  • Year2012
  • LocationSpace

The project develops the idea that space equipment that will receiving men should multiply the layers of successive pressurization to allow easier maintenance and production as well as increased safety while providing a real sense of life in space .

So it is not survival in a sealed capsule in a hostile environment that is sought but life, the possibility of moving to interact and maintain his living space. The project S.A.M. formally put under this assumption.

Moreover, and always a real concern perennial human occupation, the S.A.M. project focuses on geometrically simple and repetitive modules.

The systematic simplification of the constructionwith geometric and material aims to simplify the maintenance, reparation and technical understanding of the station.

Thus the first layer is the core pressurizing station. The regular tetrahedron creates the link between the four identical branches forming the main living spaces.

This assembly is then placed in another regular tetrahedron forming a viable transparent envelope for man short and medium term.

Finally mobile deflectors come form the last layer, unpressurized but protected from radiation and space debris.


Team members: Cedric Bodereau