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Sea Morphosis


Sea Morphosis

Special Mention
  • Year2022
  • LocationSea
The vertical sea vessel acts as a hub for researchers, scholars, and spectators to fully immerse in the ocean ecosystem. The research center acts as the convergence of different teams and groups of people. The main shuttle displays the potential of a habitable, sustainable, and progressive underwater urban center.


The journey of introducing amphibious vessels that take the audience from land to submerged evokes an experience that makes one become one with the ocean. In this world, much like our own, land resources have been depleted leading to an age of sea exploration. These vessels are designed to adapt, migrate and contain human beings for long journeys of sea exploration. Our morphosis sea center is the hub for which these vessels dock, and share their journeys, and knowledge of the ocean.


Not only can its exterior be adapted to the environment, but its interior can be adapted to house a multitude of programs. Its versatile form of a flexible organic inner core allows for expansion and re-orientation of the space depending on its use.


To combat the impact of the inevitable carbon footprint of the sea center, the site is dedicated to researching alternative sustainable resources and materials that could be provided by the ocean. The center is powered by geothermal energy and composed of recycled plastic from the plastic waste collected in the ocean. The geothermal lab offers a firsthand experience to how to harvest sustainable offshore resources. Using thermoplastics made up of waste material reduces the imprint of population in the terms of trash in the ocean and emphasizes being resourceful instead of overproducing.


Team members : Tanh Pham, Cinny Zhao