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SEA-TY The Future Sea Civilization


SEA-TY The Future Sea Civilization

Moving Building
  • Year2015
  • LocationSea

SEA-TY is a conceptual future city where the freeman realm. It is a dream for all of us human to live to the fullest of our life and able to make choices. In the present society, we are consistently constraint by factors like political powern economy fluctuation, skeptical view pressure, and also our root, home. Apart from all the factors, we believe that home is our root in society and it will always tie to any human living in the world. Thus, it is important that home design is given a main priority in this proposal. Imagine that with a home that can follow us to pursue our personal dream, that would be marvelous.

Yes, we are now proposing a new way to live in the future. A life whereby we have the freedom to choose and make options on what we want to do, how we want to earn and how we want to live. Everything is built on its very nature needs and desire. The proposal will promote personal preference and interest, hence all the people with similar passion will eventually gather to form and urban populated community. With similar objectives and preference, people will get along much easier. This would create an environment that would nurture talents and people get to use their talent for great purposes.

In this future setting, energy will be fully sourced from sustainable energy like wave, thermal, solar and fusion. Transportation will be extremely accessible and affordable whereby the technology will be based on hovering and magnetism. Food will be farm directly from the heart of the city whereby food can be obtained from land and sea, vegetable or meat. With the proximity to the consumers and transparency of the food production, it will save up a lot of costing compared to the current food industry. Besides, building material will be revolutionized into reusable Nano-Carbon to ensure zero waste.

Ultimately, the wildest objective of this proposal is that human can lead a nomadic free life where no matter who will have the capability to travel to wherever they want to live. Every family (smallest unit in society) will have their very own home unit to live with. Hence, they have the power to decide where to go, who to live with and when to move. All of the metropolitan cities will be residing on the sea. All the land development will be halt and human will focus on reviving the green land. Unsustainable development like ghost town and city will be slowly dissembled by the future Nan-tech and all the materials will be reuse in the making of SEA-TY.


Team Members : Lai Chuen Ket, Lim Yong Zheng, Ooi Soon Theng