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Climate & rising waters

Seaphera water capsule A living capsule above the sea

Climate & rising waters

Seaphera water capsule A living capsule above the sea

  • Year2014
  • LocationSea

The water is going to redefine our future. By 2050, sea level will get sixteen centimeters more than today and Asia is planned to be very affected by this phenomenon.

Despite the critical role that water has in our everyday lives, people have realized that world's fresh water supply is facing a major crisis in near future.

Sea (phera) explores the possibilities of addressing relative living capsule above the sea through pairing of multiple goals and layered systems in order to solve water crisis issue.

The combination of new methods of energy production, sustainable aquaculture extraction and sediment accreditation, promotes a more holistic, economically viable response to global warming. Global warming causes the increase in sea level which then influences the fresh water intake and minimize of the landform on earth.

Sea(phera) wishes to be a sustainable answer by preserve the fresh water at estuary and seacoast while learning to live in accordance with our oceans. In year 2050, most of the people in Africa and Indian will be able to desalinate H2O by having their own Sea(phera) which is their dwelling to testify of its interest for a better environment.

With a billion more people to feed on year 2050 and increasing industrialization and standards of living, living cost and freshwater demand continue to grow. Every 20 seconds, a child die from water they are drinking. An average African woman use 4 Hours each day to collect dirty water.

The architectural concept begins to provide a living and working space. The systems harvest the abundant supply of sea water, in return processing a desalinated fresh water, energy and income through harvested salt. Dualism approach was applied to promote the community type of living in order to preserve more existing fresh water in seacoast and estuary.