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Skylink First step to infinity


Skylink First step to infinity

DesignEnergyFuturisticInfrastructureLife in spaceMovableTechnology
Special Mention
  • Year2014
  • LocationSpace

Access to space nowadays uses a lot of energy, generates a big concentration of orbital debris that aren't reliable or even regular. Although leaving the terrestrial atmosphere is an essential phase in the realization of every big scale space project. This team proposes to create a first link between earth and space making aiming at getting rid of gravity. This connection will be similar to a regular train, aeronautic or maritime line. It will service an orbital center, a new step in space history. Propelled thanks to the sun, water and air, SKY LINK also answers the big climatic challenges and enables the creation of reliable, clean and regular earth-space connection. A true “umbilical link” between man and his planet, it will be the first part of a intergalactic line, the first step of real access to the universe for humanity. Quoting 1967's Space Treaty, “The universe is a common property of humanity”. A huge scientific and an international technical program acting as a unifying strength is essential for the success of the project. SKYLINK opens new perspectives in the area of interstellar travels and discoveries. We”re talking here about a vessel that will catalyze the main space projects to come. it's everybody's choice to reach their dreams…


Team members: Eric Geraud - Mathieu Gasq