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Solar Cell


Solar Cell

Grand Prix Laureat
Prix spécial LAB
  • Year2023
Solar Cell serves as a model for alternative resource supply with the core focus on preserving and studying its direct environment.

The proposed architectural intervention revolves around finding a mutual harmony between the natural elements whilst envisioning a state-of-the-art aesthetic that can primarily promote the integration of sea eco-design. Solar Cell explores the two key connectors of various classifications of marine environments and the vast possibilities of energy or natural resources saving properties they possess: Salt & Sun.  The cell can lend itself to a variety of ocean locations and the needs required by its intended users. The cell serves as a pod of life, supplying fresh water, electricity, and crops.

Handre de la Rey


Handre de la Rey is a practicing professional architect and Director of DG international Architects based in Franschhoek in the Cape Winelands. After completing his master’s in architecture(Cum Laude) he has been involved in many projects globally, giving him a carte balance to develop his tailored design skills as well as the language in which he is able to communicate it through modern software, sketch, and always model building. He is also a partner of an industrial design studio, 20eight.

South African