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SPHERE STATION Self-locomotion science


SPHERE STATION Self-locomotion science

  • Year2016
  • LocationMars and the Moon

Scientific-research station is made for the geologic research, mineral exploration and exobiology missions on Mars and Moon.

The aim of the project is to create the station which can maintain comfort conditions for scientists within the environmental extremes and provide new possibilities for research. Consider that the territory of the planet is vast,the best salvation is creating of the station which can travel for a long distance.

Research station is a self-locomotion sphere, which can ride up to 1000 km from the main base. The base consists of few modules and its location also could be changed.

There are 3 station blocks: Living, Lab and Technical block.

Living and Lab blocks are connected and piece together one Module. There is closed connection between blocks and each one has three exits : two are permanently used for navigation inside and one for the access to planetary surface.

Lab block includes 3 labs and living block-2 bedrooms.Each block has kitchen, living room and station control room in case of emergency and independent travel of blocks. There is water treatment unit in these blocks, which helps to treat ice and clear grey water for re-use.

Station consists of external envelope- geodesic sphere and machinery which responsible for the work of the whole construction and inner station volume. The station volume stay fixed while the external sphere is moving.

Mechanical part of the station consists of gyroscopic rings connected with gears. Gears are held by two titanous rods, which coordinate movement of the station in all directions. Rods placed sideways on to each other and are pressed between floors. Within the station vol-ume rods are supported by the small titanous beams.

Engine body of the station is also a ballast which keeps sphere in the equilibrium mode.