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SWARM project They take care of the space, while you are sailing it


SWARM project They take care of the space, while you are sailing it

  • Year2017

The SWARM project is a concept of an automated orbital station, with modular multifunction drones based on it. The functional purpose of this project is to provide the Earth with solar energy, to solve the space debris problem, to explore outer space and to provide technical support for space vehicles.

The main station called “mothership”. The dome is covered with solar panels, which accumulate solar energy to power the station. There are working station systems inside, and a plant for processing and sorting the space debris.

The upper zone is energy, it contains solar panels for drones, and the zone is directly connected to energy storage devices. Flocks of drones, with solar modules installed, gather the solar energy and transmit it to the station for the further sending to the Earth.

The modules for gathering and delivery of the space debris to the station are located on the second zone. A drone with an installed gathering module scans the space for debris, and then goes to gather it. At the station the debris is recycled and sorted for the further sending to the Earth, or for the final disposal.

In the third zone there are repair modules, due to which it is possible to fix problems at the station, to service the drones.

In the last zone there are research modules for various purposes. Also all the zones except energy are used for storage of unused or defective drones.

According to the concept, several stations rotate in a geostationary orbit. Under each station on the Earth there is an energy distribution unit, in which, by means of a laser ray, the energy gathered by the drones is transmitted directly from the station.


Team members : Soldatov Victor & Vladislav Shlenov