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Life in space
  • Year2015
  • LocationSpace

For nearly a half century, space program has been glorified as the pinnacle of technological advancements. We question the value and longevity of this stereotype. Despite how we humans prefer to separate ourselves from the rest, we are an inevitable part of the living cycle. Then, why do we insist on being independent on the voyage to an unfathomable depth?

Earth, to be what it is, being made up of the perfect chemicals and molecules at the impeccable timing to create and sustain life, was of course, an extraordinary synchronicity. If such incident is so improbable, perhaps it is our duty to expand, and plant the seed that is Earth to distant planets and bloom the flower that is life.

In the context of space, the sheer scale and extensive travel time renders all constants monotonous and every minute dreadful. Many authors imagined dystopic solution of hibernation, which poses questionable effects on physical and psychological health of the astronauts. The proposal is conceived in the image of our mother planet. A small piece of earth is incubated inside a shell, and as we nurture the nature, it nurtures us.

The proposal is more than a space station. It is the essence of Earth. This “new” Earth is of course not a blue dot amongst the stars but a cylindrical capsule that encompasses the formula for life. The rigor of survival will be evident as life adapts to its new form and further self-sustain the life aboard it.

TELOS is a simple model with enormous potential. Whether it purposed for stationing around the globe or venturing indefinitely into the unknow, TELOS provides platform for everlasting nourishment. Our first step of the final frontier is not to abandon our home, but to bring it with us.

Bennett Dong-Hwan

Team Member : Jinsu Park